Facts And Myths About Chocolate – Everything You Need To Know


You love your daily dose of chocolates and candies, and why not when you can afford to get free chocolate and chocolate for free most of the time. But, every time that you indulge in chocolate, you do have that guilty feeling in you based on all the myths and falsehood that you have heard. Let us differentiate the facts and myths so that you can go on to enjoy free chocolate samples without taking yourself on a guilt trip.

Free stuff in the form of free candies and free chocolate makes people wonder about the amount of caffeine that they are pumping into their bodies. Yes, chocolate does have the ingredients to get you perky and energetic but the amount of caffeine that it contains is negligible. It has far less caffeine than a cup of tea or coffee. So, relax and have your next bar of chocolate for free without the guilt pangs running through you.

Most people worry about the fatty acids and the milk products that go in the making of chocolates. However, rest be assured that good brands and manufacturers use the best of ingredients that in no way will harm your health. Free chocolate samples from well-known names in the chocolate manufacturing industry are bereft of any health concerns.

Most people think that chocolates will only give them unnecessary calories and bad teeth since it does not contain any nutritional value. However, they are wrong since if you choose the right chocolates then you end up eating a lot of fruits and nuts along with it. Also, chocolates contain plenty of magnesium, iron, copper, and zinc along with polyphenols which are good antioxidants and will help you remain young and healthy. These same nutrients and minerals are found in tea and red wine as well.

The other thing that you should keep in mind is that dark chocolate is far healthier than the white ones. In fact, more and more doctors are going on to recommend a little bit of chocolate in the diet. The latest study for chocolates suggests that it can not only make you feel good, more energetic and perky but can also help in controlling blood pressure. This means that overall chocolate can have a beneficial effect on you.

Chocolates are bad for your teeth. This is not completely a fact since any food particle accumulation in your mouth is going to lead to cavities and bad breath from the bacteria that get to work on it. Actually some of the minerals and nutrients found in chocolates can go on to protect your teeth enamel and save it from any further harm.

Sometimes people are of the opinion that chocolates can bring on an attack of migraine but there is no proven research behind it.

Free stuff the next time it is offered to you need not be turned down. Free candies and chocolates can be one extremely good way of getting healthy nutrients into your body.