Groupwise To Outlook Migration Tool Is The Safest Way For Contacts Conversion

Groupwise To Outlook Migration

Contacts are one of the most essential kinds of a database as they help users in interacting with their colleagues, relatives, and friends. Novell GroupWise is one of the most renowned and high-end email clients offers the ability to store contacts in its address book but sometimes these contacts play a huge role in people’s life and due to some of the other reason the users need to undergo contacts conversion with a GroupWise to Outlook migration tool.

Groupwise To Outlook Migration

Disadvantage The disadvantage with the Novell GroupWise email platform is that it is system-specific and the format in which it creates the database is inaccessible on any other email program or even operating system.

Hence, this proves to be a major disadvantage for the Novell GroupWise email program users due to which they look forward to changing their mail platform or converting its data to a data format that is much easier and widely accepted on more than one system. Advantage One of the major advantages of the address book of Outlook mail client is that it lets you store contacts in different groups like; personal, business, etc and finding any of the contacts in it doesn’t require user effort as you just have to type the name and the address book will locate it automatically.

The users can also store fax number, contact number, contact picture, etc along with the email address and one of the most liked advantages with the PST contacts is that they can be converted into vCard file format which is a highly versatile file format as it is accepted by most of the systems and other gadgets.

Conclusion At the end of this part of the segment it is noted that the disadvantage and advantage found in Novell GroupWise and Outlook email platform respectively is what provokes the users to make utilization of contacts from GroupWise to Outlook migration tool.

Reasons Basically, there are a wide range of reasons behind the conversion of the contacts from GroupWise to Outlook like organizational change, migration of the user from one place to another, or change of the email client due to complications but one of the main reasons behind the conversion or address book migration is the transfer into Windows operating system which is a common and highly used operating system that is easily available anywhere and due to the same reason most of the users make use of the software applications like PCVITA Novell Address Book Converter. Read For More Information: