Sharpness Of The Acura Tl

Sharpness Of The Acura Tl

Superseding the Acura Vigor in 1996, the Acura TL is a midsize entry-level luxury car. It is manufactured and sold under the Acura brand, which is under the automobile manufacturer, Honda. It has become quite popular in its own way and received a name for itself as the best selling luxury sedan, after selling more than 79,000 units in 2004.

In 1998, Honda introduced the Acura TL-X concept car. It featured a preview of the second generation of TLs that would make its public entrance after a year. This second-generation TL is now called as the 3.2 TL. It has a newly-designed 3.2 liter 225 HP SOHC VTEC J32 V6 along with a four-speed electronic automatic transmission with SportShift. The only option given to this vehicle was a hard-drive-based navigation system. Changes continued to roll in for the Acura TL as the years went on. This vehicle sported changes like a five-speed automatic transmission with SportShift, which gave way for a slightly better fuel economy and acceleration. Other changes included the addition of side-impact airbags for the front passengers and a change of format in its navigation system. Also done in was a DVD based navigation system where a driver could theoretically drive from one coast to another with this new navigation system installed. The system had stored the maps in zones and there were five different zones for the United States. The vehicle also sported a new fade with its redesigned taillights, a great-looking and beveled front, and a wide, yet powerful stance. The gutter at the beltline of the vehicle sported a tough, extruded shape that could make one recall the blade of a hunting knife. Also added were an in-dash CD changer, firmer seats, and suspension for the year 2002.

Come to the 3rd generation Acura TL, it became the first car in the U.S. market to have a six-disc DVD-Audio system that had an output through an 8-speaker system. This system was engineered by Panasonic, and it also plays back normal audio CDs along with DTS audio discs, CD-audio, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. It also has a Bluetooth HandsFree Link, or HFL, a system that is integrated with the audio system itself and this HFL system allows drivers to use their cellular phones hands-free. By simply voice-dialing the number that they need to contact, drivers can have the entire conversation over the Acura TL’s built-in audio system.

The Acura TL makes drivers feel great when they are behind the wheel for Honda has certainly kept in mind to consider ergonomics. With the Acura TL, the driving position feels perfectly natural. The controls carry the feel as if they belong in a performance car. It also has notably short-stroke brake pedals that let drivers modulate the new four-piston Brembo front brakes with a precision that could be considered as complete.

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